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Where and When?


When to hold the funeral is entirely up to you. Some people believe three days after death is the correct timing; however, in law there is no set time.

Given the many matters to consider in arranging a modern funeral, it is not uncommon for a funeral to be held five to seven days after death. If necessary it can be held still later to allow people coming from overseas to attend.

We can assure you it is far better not to rush the planning of a funeral. Allowing more time helps you to make clearer decisions. When people are rushed they may forget or overlook matters, leading to regrets afterwards.


The choice of venue is up to the individual, and we encourage you to talk about venue ideas with us. Our funeral directors are experienced in setting up both traditional and alternative venues.

The church is still a popular setting for funeral services, and they often have reception areas available for friends and family to get together after the service.

Families without a church connection may choose to use our chapel – both clergy and celebrants are happy to conduct the service from there.

If you are looking at a smaller service with burial, the whole service could take place at the graveside.

A funeral service can be held in the family home or any other setting that has significance for the person who has died and their family. 

When arranging a large funeral, families sometimes choose another venue appropriate to the large number of people likely to attend. Some examples are the Showgrounds Event Centre, and the Bushmere Arms.

A catering lounge for a ‘cup of tea’ can be an important feature when selecting a venue. Your funeral director will be happy to discuss suitable options for you to consider.

Offering refreshments after a funeral is regarded as an important aspect of the funeral service. This is a time for meeting up with family members and friends, sharing stories and recalling in greater detail the life of the person who has died. Sometimes it is also an opportunity for a family reunion.

Most churches, and many larger venues have an adjoining lounge or hall available. Many local cafes, clubs and restaurants offer both catering and venue. Your funeral director can help you choose a caterer.

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