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The Funeral Account

Every funeral invoice from Evans Funeral Services is individualised.


It will generally include professional service fees, mortuary services, vehicle transfers, and a casket. Other items may be included and will be itemised such as: crematorium and cemetery fees, doctor’s fees, newspaper notices, flowers, printing, catering, a death certificate, gratuities and donations, multimedia and audiovisual, and memorial work.


Our professional services fee is based on the percentage of available services the family utilises. Unlike businesses that charge an hourly rate for their time, the funeral director sets a professional services fee by totalling the annual overheads of the business and dividing them by the average number of funerals conducted over the year.


Disbursements - items we pay on your behalf – such as newspaper notices, cemetery fees, flowers, and catering accounts attract a 15% service fee.


Your funeral director will give you a full estimate at the time of the funeral arrangement if required.


An itemised funeral account will be issued within 10 days of the funeral, and is due for payment within two months. The account will be sent to the person who has signed our Funeral Authority form.


An account service fee is included in every account. If the invoice is paid by the due date, this fee will be deducted.


It is our expectation that the funeral account will be paid on time. If payment is a problem, please let us know as soon as possible so we can suggest ways to help.


We accept payment by cash, cheque, direct credit and credit card for your convenience.




Probate (a term coming from a Latin word meaning ‘proof’) is the procedure  by which the courts recognise a will as authentic.


The executors of the will must obtain probate from the court so that they have authority to deal with assets (and liabilities) of the person who has died and to enable distribution of the estate in accordance with the will.


The Registrar of the High Court carries out probate after receiving an application from the executors. This task involves establishing that it was in fact the testator (the maker of the will) who died, that the will was properly signed and attested, and that executors have been appointed.


For advice on estate matters we would recommend that you contact your  solicitor or an organisation such as the Public Trust.




Evans Funeral Services offers a full range of services to accommodate most budgets. We can advise on the range of assistance available for families requiring help with funeral costs. Assistance and advice can be given on the closing of bank accounts and applications for funeral grants from Work and Income (WINZ) and ACC. For more information, visit:



Some airlines operating in New Zealand offer compassionate airfares to immediate family members travelling to a funeral. You should check with the airline you are travelling on whether the ticket you are travelling on is able to be discounted in this way.


If a discount is possible, we can supply you with a supporting letter from our company.


To write our supporting letter we need the following:


•  the full names of the people travelling


•  proof of your relationship to the person who has died


•  travel departure point and destination


•  a booking reference number and ticket number.

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